How I Read [Between the Lines in] On-Line Dating Profiles

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Published on: 28February2017

Not sure if guys have a difficult time reading between the lines, but maybe it is the author of her profile who may not realize what some of us see when we read her dating profile.  So, maybe a little perspective from the other side is in order. First, let’s talk about the statement “I’m[…]

be the chaRge you wish to see in the world!

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Published on: 10July2015

Regardless you religious interest(s), there is something on which I believe we all can agree … The human body produces an electrical impulse1 There is something we all can also agree upon … There are two charges: positive and negative Take these two agreements into account and you can conclude that … People generate either[…]

If not African-Americans, then What?

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Published on: 27June2015

Everyone wants to belong1. And, even more so, everyone wants to belong to a group. So, why not “African-Americans?” People have separated themselves based on religion for eons; we have Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc.  Then, it seems, “Christian” got to be too big of a group, so some folks broke it down to Catholics,[…]

Freedom of Perspective – Preach What You Practice

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Published on: 24June2015

I have a question for you, and I am NOT looking for you to answer this question. But, instead, I am looking to inspire you to think, and read, and think, and read some more. Do either, neither or both of these images bother or offend you?   Again, I do NOT want you to tell[…]

Is This Not Also My Country?!

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Published on: 5February2014

Let me start by saying that I was born here – in Baltimore, Maryland.  I am proud of my Jewish heritage, as well.  But, I have – for a long time, now – described myself as “humbly Agnostic and realistically Atheist.”  That means that I really don’t believe there is a God, but I cannot[…]

The New Age of On-Line Dating

New or accustomed to this world of on-line dating?  Well, it’s a whole new ballgame, especially for women! Not too long ago, men were the ones accused, and sometimes found guilty, of looking for the next best thing while dating (hell, even while being married, in some cases). That shoe might now be on the other[…]

Before we were Facebook “friends” …

Published on: 17October2013

… we had motorcycles/cars in common and we shared stories of cool rides, tips on how to change out stock parts for custom/cool ones, and photos of the places we’d been & the hotties who complimented our rides. … we had football/baseball/hockey/basketball in common and we shared opinions of the last game, the next game,[…]

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