Before we were Facebook “friends” …

Published on: 17October2013

… we had motorcycles/cars in common and we shared stories of cool rides, tips on how to change out stock parts for custom/cool ones, and photos of the places we’d been & the hotties who complimented our rides.

… we had football/baseball/hockey/basketball in common and we shared opinions of the last game, the next game, the hopes of a championship game, and pictures of everything that had to do with our team(s)!

… we had school in common and we shared memories of being care-free kids, pictures of our class photos, funny stories of that good old time, and details of where we’ve wound up as adults.

… we had friends in common and we shared meals together on holidays, laughs & stories about each other’s past, and outings as a group when schedules aligned.

… we had family in common and we shared weddings & funerals together, photos of when our grandparents were alive & we were so tiny, and updates of our families & friends now that we don’t live so close by any more.

… we had work in common and we shared our miseries with computers/software, the cool business trips we got to take, funny stories about idiots at the airport, and what was new & cool in the world of the latest electronic gadgets.

… we had “being single” in common and we shared tales of the people we went out with, advice on who and who not to get involved with, and photos –> okay, scratch that <– I¬†HAVE NO PHOTOS of anyone I went out with or any of their body parts! ūüėČ

But then we became Facebook “friends” …

… and you posted your take on the President of the United States, made ridiculous comparisons between him and people of the past, and blindly repeated what you heard about him from your preferred, slanted¬†news source(s).

… and you posted your religious beliefs without regard, knowledge, tolerance and/or consideration of the other religious beliefs in this country/world.

… and you posted your every waking move, checked in somewhere every ten minutes, and inundated my Facebook news feed with you, you, you!

… and you posted a new selfie every freakin’ day!

… and you posted your thoughts about the gun violence in this country, what you believe is the correct course of action to reduce it, and gave those who didn’t share the same opinion a derogatory label.

… and you posted comments/videos/articles from your favorite news outlet that obviously has a huge tilt towards one side, rather than considering to look for a less inciting organization from which to get to the heart of the matter.

… and you posted your thoughts on the poor and just¬†how you think your asinine idea¬†is best for them to be able to survive.

… and you posted something so stupid and myopic, it just can’t be categorized as anything other than just out and out stoooooooooooooopid!

… and you posted photos of your cat/dog/mouse/iguana, then more photos of your cat/dog/mouse/iguana, and then even MORE photos of your cat/dog/mouse/iguana!

… and you posted and posted and posted and posted and posted and posted and posted ’til I no longer thought it was Facebook; I thought it was YOU-Book!

Oh, what a shame. I so liked you before I knew you. ūüė•



p.s.: I do hope you realize that I realize that this applies to just about¬†everyone – myself included.¬† In fact, I might just send this to myself ūüôĄ

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