The New Age of On-Line Dating

New or accustomed to this world of on-line dating?  Well, it’s a whole new ballgame, especially for women!

Not too long ago, men were the ones accused, and sometimes found guilty, of looking for the next best thing while dating (hell, even while being married, in some cases). That shoe might now be on the other foot – or maybe we’re all just sharing these shoes.

All those messages ladies get from far & wide have them realizing, now more than ever, “I don’t have to settle.” And, with that, men might find themselves in the same position women had been in for such a long time; possibly getting kicked to the curb for greener grass.

Not only are women getting a lot of attention on dating sites, but they’re being hit on by young studs. And, though a lot of the women on these sites say they’re not looking for a “hook-up” (one night stand), just the offer of one from one of these young studly Dudleys could be enough to send their egos into the same stratosphere as some men used to solely occupy.

Fair’s fair.

Now, here’s where the real fun begins. Questions women often asked themselves about a guy’s profile on a dating site included, but were not limited to:

  • Are the guy’s photos actually him, up-to-date, or photogenic?
  • Are the guy’s stats (height, weight, age, body-type, etc.) true?
  • Is the guy really married, posing as single, so he can just have a fling?


These questions aren’t just for women anymore.  We guys get to wonder the same thing, as well, about some women on these singles sites.

Internet dating has definitely leveled … or destroyed, perhaps … the playing field.  On-line dating is now like a game of chance.  Instead of saving up your money as you would for other games of chance, this one requires you have a cache of time & patience.

There may be quite a bit of lying and deceit on both sides of the [sexes] fence; men may no longer the only ones guilty of this, any longer.  Good luck out there … and be safe!

p.s.: All of these on-line dating services need to add a body-type of athlerage; the in-between point of “athletic & toned” and “average.”


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