Freedom of Perspective – Preach What You Practice

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Published on: 24June2015

I have a question for you, and I am NOT looking for you to answer this question. But, instead, I am looking to inspire you to think, and read, and think, and read some more.

Do either, neither or both of these images bother or offend you?  

Again, I do NOT want you to tell me your answer, but I want you to realize that how everyone answers this question is based on their personal perspective.

The freedoms granted by the First Amendment protects us individuals from going to jail for the things we say. They don’t protect others FROM their feelings being hurt. And, they don’t protect federal, state or local governments if they post these kinds of things. Finally, they don’t protect you from being fired by your employer if they dislike what you’ve said.

If you figuratively & solely wrap yourself in the Second Amendment, let alone ignoring the “A well-regulated militia …” opening phrase, then you will literally risk exposing your private areas by ignoring the rights granted us ALL in the First Amendment.

That means I can burn a flag and you don’t have to like it. That means you can display a Confederate flag and I don’t have to like it. But, that doesn’t preclude you from understanding how the things you do affect others.  And, it doesn’t mean States shouldn’t be doing the correct thing for all U.S. citizens & being a team player – remaining non-biased and secular. Remember, “don’t do unto others what you wouldn’t want others to do unto you.”

In a selfish world where so many seem to be in “hey look at me” and “please share what I have to say with everyone else” modes – and I am guilty of this as much as so many others – ask yourself the intent of your post before you post it.

And if you don’t care that your post may offend or alienate some of your real friends or Facebook “friends,” consider others may do the same exact thing … before you unfollow them, unfriend them or worse – threaten them – based upon your personal disapproval.

In all of our freedoms, you must include freedom of perspective.

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