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How I Read [Between the Lines in] On-Line Dating Profiles

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Published on: 28February2017

Not sure if guys have a difficult time reading between the lines, but maybe it is the author of her profile who may not realize what some of us see when we read her dating profile.  So, maybe a little perspective from the other side is in order. First, let’s talk about the statement “I’m[…]

If not African-Americans, then What?

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Published on: 27June2015

Everyone wants to belong1. And, even more so, everyone wants to belong to a group. So, why not “African-Americans?” People have separated themselves based on religion for eons; we have Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc.  Then, it seems, “Christian” got to be too big of a group, so some folks broke it down to Catholics,[…]

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